Update SEO Information

SEO it mean for Search Engine Optimization. In our Content Management System when you add or update page content, products, services,.... it have the options for Update SEO Information may be as showing below.

Notes: Update SEO Information just for advance user who have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. If you don't understand what it is just leave it by default. Our system will auto generate data for Search Engine Optimization

Instructions for fields in SEO Information form

  1. Rewrite Url: The friendly url of your page. Usually you can enter short words that describe best for that page.
  2. Meta Title: The Meta Title will display in Search Engine results page. It also the main keywords for Search Engine. (The best is you can enter two or three keywords in the Meta Title)
  3. Meta Keywords: You can enter same as Meta Title separate keywords by comma. By the way almost Search Engine do not care about this so do not waste much time in this.
  4. Meta Description: A short description for the page. It will display as description Search Engine results page
Check the image below to see how the fields in SEO Information form will display in Google Search Engine results.

Some advance guide for fields SEO Information form

Rewrite Url

The friendly url will display in the browser address bar. You can enter some words that best describe for that page (It may be product name, service name,....). Google recommended a maximum of 3-5 words.

Meta Title

It display in browser like image below
Or in Search Engine Result like image below

It also the main keywords for Search Engine. Should less than 70 characters, as this is the limit Google displays in search results. The prefer format showing below.

Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name 

Meta Description

The Meta Description will show in Search Engine result like image above. Should less than 155 characters. It important becasue when user search and see your website in the search results with attractive Meta Description user will click and visit your website.