Shipping Fee Management

The following guide will help you Manage Shipping Fee. Shipping Fee only exist in Content Management System if you wish to include Shipping Fee module when you build your website.
Shipping Fee display when customer order products from your website and select shipping method to ship their product it may be look like below.
Because there are many type of shipping available. The following instructions only guide you how to add simple shipping fee base on the Order Total Amount. If your website need calculate Shipping Fee base the product weight. Just contact us.

Manage Shipping Fee

After log in to the Content Management System. You click on the "Shipping Fees" on the left menu to go to the Manage Shipping Fee. The system will transfer you to the "Manage Shipping Fee" as showing below.

Add New Shipping Fee

From "Manage Shipping Fee" screen click "New Shipping Fee" button to add a new shipping for your website. System will tranfer you to the New Shipping Fee form as showing below.
After input all shipping information. Click "Save" button to save the data..

Instructions for fields in New Shipping Fee form

  1. Min Order Amount & Max Order Amount: The range of order amount this shipping effect. Ex: The screen above if customer Order Total larger than 0 and less than 100 and choose Shipping Method is U.S. Priority then the Shipping Fee is $10.
  2. Max Order Amount: If the Max Order Amount = 0 then do not care Max Order Amount. Ex: If Min Order Amount=100; Max Order Amount = 0; then will calculate if Order Total is over $100.
  3. If you wish to have Free Shipping for customer if order over than specific amount you can do like this: For example if you wish Free Shipping for order have Order Total = $200 when ship with Shipping Method = U.S. Priority you can enter like this: Min Order Amount=200; Max Order Amount=0; Shipping Fee=0; Shipping Method=U.S. Priority;
  4. Expected Delivery: The expect delivery of this shipping method.
  5. Status: Display status of the promotion as showing below.
    • Active: The shipping fee is active and work
    • InActive:The shipping fee is active and not work.

Update the current shipping

From "Manage Shipping Fee" screen click "Edit" link on the shipping you wish to edit. The Update Shipping Fee form will display as showing below.
After modify information. Click "Save" button to save the content.
Notes: The fields in Update Shipping Fee form same as fields in New Shipping Fee form

Delete a Shipping Fee

From "Manage Shipping Fee" screen click "Delete" link on the shipping you wish to delete. The system will display the confirmation window as showing below.
Click the "OK" button to delete, the shipping will be removed from your website. If do not wish to delete just click "Cancel" button.