Photo Management

The following guide will help you manage photo for your website.
Click to view the sample of Photo will display in website after you add some Photo.
List Photo page
When click in a photo it will popout like below.

Manage Photo

After log in to the Content Management System. You click on the "Photos" on the left menu to go to the Manage Photo. The system will transfer you to the "Manage Photo" as showing below.

Add New Photo

From "Manage Photo" screen click "New Photo" button to add a new photo for your website. System will tranfer you to the New Photo form as showing below.
After input all photo information. Click "Publish" button to publish your photo to the website.

Instructions for fields in New Photo form

  1. Image: The main image of photo. Click "Select Image" button and select image from your computer
  2. Title: The title of the photo.
  3. Brief Description: If have will display with Title in list photo page
  4. Ordering: The display order in list photo page.
  5. Category: The category of photo (Use to categorize if your website have many Photo. Only available if you choose Include category for photo when you build your website. )
  6. Status: Display status of the photo as showing below.
    • Draft: The draft version. Will not display in the website.
    • Pending: The pending version . Will not display in the website.
    • Published:The published version . The image will display in the website.
    • Hide: Hide this photo. Will not display in the website
  7. Options: Click on this will pop out more options as showing below.
    • Published Date & Expire Date: If have data the photo will only display after Published Date and before Expire Date

Update the current photo

From "Manage Photo" screen click "Edit" link on the photo you wish to edit. The Update Photo form will display as showing below.
After modify information. Click "Save" button to save the content.
Notes: The fields in Update Photo form same as fields in New Photo form

Delete a Photo

From "Manage Photo" screen click "Delete" link on the photo you wish to delete. The system will display the confirmation window as showing below.
Click the "OK" button to delete, the photo will be removed from your website. If do not wish to delete just click "Cancel" button.

Update Photo display order

From "Manage Photo" screen to update the display order. Just enter the sort order in the Order column then click the "Update Order" button.