Order Management

The following guide will help you manage your product orders that customer order your products in your website.

Manage Order

After log in to the Content Management System. You click on the "Orders" on the left menu to go to the Manage Order. The system will transfer you to the "Manage Order" as showing below.

Update or view the current order

From "Manage Order" screen click "Edit" link on the order you wish to edit. The Update or view Order form will display as showing below.

Some fields notes:

  1. Billing Information & Shipping  Information: The information that your customer enter when buy products.
  2. Status: The status of your Order. Ex: If you check the customer already paid for this order you can change to Paid. Or if you already shipped this order you can change status to Shipped.
  3. Actual Shipping Fee: The Actual Shipping Fee for shipping this order. It use for calculate report.
  4. Order Tracking Number: The tracking number for for customer tracking shipping. It use when send shipping confirmation email.
  5. Shipped Date: The date when order shipped.
  6. Admin Notes: Some notes of admin about this order
After modify information. Click "Update Order" button to save the data.

Delete a Order

From "Manage Order" screen click "Delete" link on the order you wish to delete. The system will display the confirmation window as showing below.
Click the "OK" button to delete, the order will be removed from your website. If do not wish to delete just click "Cancel" button.