Create a demo website

  1. offers a fully functional demo website for customers intending to build a website for the company, without any prepaid cost. To create the demo website you click on the button [Request a Demo] as shown below.
  2. Our system will redirect you to the page to enter your information and the desired functionality for your website as shown below.
  3. After you have finished enter your information click [SUBMIT] button. Our system will display success message with the demo website information and management information as shown below. The system will also send an information e-mail of your demo website.
    (Make sure you enter the correct email address. This email address will be the administrator email address . So you can get emails when customer contact, order products,...., to make the demo website work properly)
  4. Click on the link at the "Your sample sites" in the image above to go to your demo website. The system will redirect to the page to select theme for your demo website.
    (This themes just to demo functionality for your website. If you choose us to design and develop your website. We will redesign your website base on your requirement.)
  5. You click on [SELECT THIS THEME] button to select the prefer website template. The system will display the success message and complete the process of creating a demo website. Now the demo website has been created you need log in to the Administrator Control Panel to update your website content.