Administrator Account Management

The following guide will help you manage Administrator Account. Administrator Account is the member login in your Content Management System to manage content for your website. Only root administrator can manage administrator account (Each website only have one root administrator account only)

Manage Administrator Account

After log in to the Content Management System. You click on the "Admin Account" on the left menu to go to the Manage Administrator Account. The system will transfer you to the "Manage Administrator Account" as showing below.

Add New Account

From "Manage Administrator Account" screen click "New Account" button to add a new administrator for your website. System will tranfer you to the New Account form as showing below.
After enter User Name, Password and select Permission for this new account. Click "Save" button to create new administrator account.

Instructions for fields in New Account form

  1. User Name: The User Name use to login
  2. Password: The password use to login
  3. Permission: Select which module this account can be manage.
  4. Status: Login status of the administrator as showing below.
    • Active: Active status . Can login in the Content Management System.
    • Inactive: Inactive status. Can not login in Content Management System.

Update the current administrator

From "Manage Administrator Account" screen click "Edit" link on the administrator you wish to edit. The Update Administrator Account form will display as showing below.
After modify information. Click "Save" button to save the content.
Notes: The fields in Update Administrator Account form same as fields in New Account form

Delete a Administrator Account

From "Manage Administrator Account" screen click "Delete" link on the administrator you wish to delete. The system will display the confirmation window as showing below.
Click the "OK" button to delete, the administrator will be removed from your website. If do not wish to delete just click "Cancel" button.